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1. Badge reprinting in the event of loss or destruction, will not be charged during the first day of the trade show. If reprinting is requested during the second or third day, it will cost $60,000 COP.

2.Badge changes will only be accepted for the EXHIBITOR, VISITOR, and/or BUYER categories provided they have been acquired directly and have not been used, a fact which INEXMODA will verify in the registration system. Changes will not be allowed for badges of guests of exhibitors or of INEXMODA.

3. EXHIBITORS will be entitled to one badge per m2 acquired. Likewise, a 50% discount on current badge value will be available when buying up to an additional half of total amount paid for purchase participation quota.

4. Entry of minors to the trade show is not allowed under any circumstance. Therefore, any consequences for entry of minors without authorization in accordance to what is defined by INEXMODA will be the sole responsibility of the participant.

5. Under no circumstance will the value invested in the purchase of the badge be reimbursed in the event of non-attendance or partial attendance of the participant to the trade show

6. INEXMODA reserves the right to withhold or confiscate the badge in cases where it is misused, such as: identity theft or badge loan, false badge, distribution of advertising, carried by a minor, illicit or immoral activities within the Trade Show carried out by badge holder.

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