As an exhibitor at Colombiamoda you may transport the merchandise you need from any city of the country or outside of it to the trade show venue with special discounts from TCC.  During setup days there will be personnel available to help you move your items to your stand, which later you may store in warehouses administered by TCC, located in each pavilion.  We invite you to discover what cities and towns are covered by TCC.



The Exhibitor’s Lounge will be located in the Service Corridor of the Palace of Expositions of Plaza Mayor.  Properly identified personnel will also be available throughout the venues, ready to help you in any way.

Additionally, at the TCC stand located in the Great Hall of Plaza Mayor, you may receive special help and information on all the services offered by the company.  

TCC offers exclusive and on-site services at each stage of the trade show, demonstrating that you can trust them as a Company specialized in operational logistics.  

Remember that you can count on the support of TCC staff within the Trade Show for stocking your stand, as well as for sending and receiving merchandise.  



During this stage TCC will also be on hand to help with qualified staff.  They can help pack your merchandise, and offer special rates for returning items to your city of origin.   

To receive more information on the services offered by TCC please contact Customer Service in Medellín at +574-444-4488 or visit their website at



  • We provide an environment for business and/or rest at the VIB Hall-Very Important Buyers– so that as a buyer, you can carry out your appointments, answer mail, or take a break.  
  • We offer a guided tour through our commercial showcase so you can have an overview of each Pavilion of the Trade Show.  *Subject to availability.
  • You are eligible for an advisory session prior to the event in order to maximize the efficiency of your visit: Exhibitors information, conferences and schedule programming.
  • You will have the opportunity to learn about the latest trends of the Fashion System at the Inexmoda – UPB Knowledge Pavilion.
  • You will find a wide variety of offers in all the apparel worlds, where you will discover innovative products for your business.