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It is a place that clusters brands of the Fashion System through a shared aesthetic and theme proposed and curated by Inexmoda. Through coherent language, it offers attractive and disruptive value proposals to the end consumer.

Colombiamoda 2019 wants to connect directly to national and international buyers through a theme that embraces the essence and flavor of Latin America through a language called Urban Tropical, where the brands that participate must be aligned in concept through style, essence, and/or DNA.

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What is the Urban Tropical concept?

It seeks to highlight the essence and freshness, the jovial, relaxed, cheerful and optimistic attitude that characterizes the tropics, bringing its colors, aromas, music, and flavor to the city.

This combination between tropic and city also makes it possible for the tropics to “catch” the urban spirit…its artistic expressions, informality, creativity, and its search for authenticity, reflected by brands that feel identified with this concept all the way from their aesthetics to their essence.

How can I participate?

To be a part it is necessary to curate so that all brands are coherent with the theme and spirit of the space. Please note:

  • All brands that are part of the Fashion System are valid: Clothing, Footwear and Leather Goods, Accessories, Beauty, Decoration and Home, Gastronomy, and others.
  • Brands whose style and/or essence have the proposed theme as a concept are valid.

Do I meet requirements?

Fill out the form and participate in the invitation

Important: you must take into account that your product must be aimed at the end consumer and must be aligned with the concept of UrbanTropi

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