The Summer Party will be a new experience of sun, breeze, sand, and music by Tigo Music, and much fashion—a Paradise in the midst of Colombiamoda, Colombia´s Fashion Week, which will make visual–in a sensory way–the beachwear, swimwear and resort world.

An adventure to highlight trends, explore new routes, and uplift our tropical essence.


Puntamar: For this collection solid colors are fundamental: wine, brown, gray, blue, and salmon will be seen in full pieces or in blocks of color.  Faithful to its proposal, each one-piece or two-piece swimming suit will have a complementary garment that will transform its look.  The Victorian theme will influence some of the silhouettes or details of the designs, such as long sleeves, bows, knots and ruffles.  Also, the swimwear will be characterized by gold-plated fastenings, adding a touch of luxury and special elegance to the garments.

Milonga Beachwear: In this collection, earth textures such as branches, leaves, animal prints and palm trees will be primary, the palm tree being the most representative figure of the brand.  There will also be a mixture of abstract geometry that will combine comfort and versatility in the garments, evoking retro fashion.  The colors that will lead the collection will be from the blue, green, and wine palettes, with jean and worn textures–colors that take us to fresh and tropical places such as beach and forest.

Awa Clothing: “Tropicalia 2018” will be the name of the collection that will be centered on its distinctive feature: garment cuts that favor the silhouette, and a balance between prints and color, highlighting each part of the body.  For this season strong colors such as petrol green will be the leaders, combined with printed florals, giving them a warm touch.  It is a season where the range of colors has been very diverse, and this brand wished to focus on the elegance afforded by strong tones and harmony while contrasting with floral prints full of color and an almost-synthetic luster.

Abaunza: returning to the classic is the goal of the collection “Back to Black” that will present the brand, inspired by the female body in a natural way. From a monochrome color chart, black is used as an essential input for the designs. Abaunza is connected to the concept “Innovation without borders” and although it is an American company, the raw materials used in 100% Colombian children’s swimwear, also are accompanied by embroidery of Czech oil-colored canutillos.