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Inexmoda-UPB 2017 Knowledge Pavilion

Common questions

Where is the Inexmoda-UPB Knowledge Pavilion located?

The Knowledge Pavilion will be located at the Metropolitan Theater

How many conferences can I register myself through the web page?

Each person has the right to register to nine (9) conferences during the three (3) days, however if at the time of  the conference free spaces are available within The Pavilions, staff members will announce this availability at the Pavilion entrance.

If I am not able to do the registration in advance. Can I do it the same day?

Yes, but everything will depend on the availability of each conference

Where should I go If do not have the badge?

You must enter by the entrance located at Av Regional. There will be a marking of the place that will indicate you the entrance to the Metropolitan Theater.

If I have the badge should I subscribe to conferences and workshops?

Yes, everyone who wants to attend to the Inexmoda-UPB Knowledge Pavilion must register through the website to participate in their conferences and workshops.

If I have the badge, should I leave the tradeshow to enter the Knowledge Pavilion?

It is not necessary.  There will be a registration desk joint  to the Metropolitan Theater where the entrance will be authorized  to the people that have the badge.

More information:

Contact Center Inexmoda
(57 4) 444 50 86