Official closing of Colombia–France Year

The Colombia-France Year 2017 is the most ambitious cooperation program that has taken place between both countries. With the many events that will be carried out this year, France ratifies its interest in supporting the transformation process Colombia is living along with its peace process.

Various fashion formats will be spotlighted in the closing between the two countries:

France-Colombia Year Runway – Atelier Crump

Origin of the brand: Since the time Atelier Crump burst on the national fashion scene, many are the women who now see with other eyes the idea of sporting the traditional suit of pants and jacket.  Diana Crump, the designer behind this proposal, understood that the classic suit could go beyond the solid and neutral color scheme, and included vibrant colors and large prints which steal our attention.

Colombiamoda 2017: Atelier Crump, in the framework of the France-Colombia Year, will develop a collection whose inspiration is based on a visual play between light, shadow, water, and flowers. In order to materialize this pacesetter, the designer chose fabrics with transparent effects: silks, silk twills, silk satins, cottons, and silk crepes. These bases were printed with flower and vegetable motifs which evoke nature under water. Diana describes the silhouettes of this collection as an interesting transit between masculine and feminine, resulting in lighter and more fluid shapes, without losing the masculine accent which surrounds the spirit of the brand.  Clean, simple, and classic cuts will be decisive in jackets, pants, t-shirts, and tunic-style suits.  In regards to the illustrations, the graphics were done by Natalia Swarz and Stefania Tejada, and the prints were carried out with digital technology in Italy.

Atelier Artisanal

Ana María Holguín and Andy Petit, designers of the Atelier Artisanal (A + A) brand, whose motto is this: “designed in Paris, made in Bogotá”, will be present at the closing event of the Colombia-France Year, proving—through an exposition—the power of the fusion between both cultures, and expressed by means of Colombian talent and creativity.

Origin of the brand: After working for several years for some of the most well-known luxury brands of Europe (Kenzo, Balenciaga, Nina Ricci, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Mont Blanc, and others), the idea of working together was born with the real desire to use and bring their expertise to Latin America.  Ana María and Andy began their work in Colombia with Jorge Lizarazo and his prestigious brand, “HECHIZOO”, in a leather goods project for exhibition at the Galería Cristina Grajales in New York in November 2013. After this great experience and years of reflection, they decided to go forward by exploring their “knowhow” and creating their own brand in Colombia.

Their goal is to introduce this new Francolombian brand, offering and combining the best of designs made in Paris with a touch of modern handicraft from Colombia.

Exhibition at Colombiamoda 2017: The “ÉVOLUTION & DUALITÉ” collection is directed towards all Colombians and Latin Americans who love the quality of international brands and who will enjoy a new brand that works with the same spirit but with a different creative proposal.   The collection will have leather technique of excellent quality, traditional handiwork, contemporary design, architecture, modern art, and the esthetics of nature. This collection will have special details such as hand-braided ribbon with leather ribbon, belts inspired in hammock ropes, and–in collaboration with HECHIZOO–beautiful unique mixtures such as metal with leather and natural fibers with leather.