Attending the fashion, business, and knowledge trade show is now easier than ever.

Phase 1
From May 1st, 2017 until June 30th, 2017. The badge has a price of US$50.
Benefit: 50% discount.

Phase 2:
From July 1st, 2017 until July 21th, 2017. The badge has a price of US$50.
Benefit: 50% discount.

Please keep the following information in mind as you register: 

  • Only ages 18 and over are allowed entry in Colombiamoda.
  • Students ages 18-25 of careers related to design and fashion should buy their Day Passes each day on the fairgrounds. For more information click here
  • A username and password are no longer required to buy your badge.

During the tradeshow (July 25th -27th 2017) USD $100

Individual registration

If you plan to attend the Trade show as an individual, select the individual registration option, complete the form with your date, and proceed with the payment.

Group Registration

If you plan to attend Colombiamoda as a group or company, select the group registration option, complete the information of all those who will attend the Trade show, and proceed with the payment.

Open: May 1st, 2017
Closes: June 30th, 2017

Opens: July 1st, 2017
Closes: July 21th, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I register my company employees through the website?

Here’s the step-by-step guide for registering:

  1. Select the group registration option.
  2. Fill out the application with the employees’ information.
  3. Select the payment method you wish to use (online checkout or bank deposit).

Proceed with your payment.

How do I make a bank payment? (companies or individuals)

To pay by deposit you must pay at Banco Popular, national checking account number 18115063-2.

Only operations from the Banco Popular offices are valid.  Payments will not be received from other Aval Group banks.  Remember that transfers are not accepted, as they do not give an identification number that allows us to confirm your payment.

When you have your payment receipt, complete the registration form according to your needs (individual or group registration). At the bottom of the page, select the payment method: deposit, fill in the deposit number, then click on Send.  The process is complete when your payment has been approved and you have been notified by email.

What is the price of the badge?

Phase 1 to buy your badge begins May 1, 2017 until June 30,2017. During this time the price is USD $50 (including 50% discount). Phase 2 runs from July 1 – 21, 2017, being the same USD $50 (including the 50% discount), but you must pick up your badge at the registration desk of the Trade show, showing the bar code you received after you paid during registration.

If you wish to purchase your badge from July 25-27, 2017, during Colombiamoda, it will cost USD $100

**The Colombiamoda badge only allows you to enter the trade show during the three days of the event. 

Is there a student discount?

Students ages 18-25 from design and fashion careers may purchase a Day Pass for USD $50. Each student may buy only one per day, which will allow entry to all areas of the Trade show.

May I enter the runway shows with the badge?

The badge allows you to visit the commercial showcase during the three days, but will not permit entry to the runways. The brand or producer of each runway show distributes its invitations.

Are minors allowed entry to the Trade show?

Only persons 18 and older are permitted entrance to Colombiamoda.  ID will be required.

More Information:

Contact Center Inexmoda
(57 4) 444 50 86