Colombiamoda is the opportunity to make yourself known to visitors, buyers, national and international media.  It is a stage for negotiating sustainable commercial alliances and enriching your network.  Get ready!

What is required to be an exhibitor?

If you are interested in being part of the trade show, decide in which Pavilion you would like to participate, then contact our commercial team at +(574) 604-3700 x 129 -157 or write us at

Who can help me with setting up my booth?

Each exhibitor is responsible for the adaptation of his/her booth; we recommend you hire an installation company and remain abreast of all the regulations assigned to your company.  All construction or decoration other than the type the organization delivers must have approval from Inexmoda in writing, as well as that of the companies that own the booths next to yours.

To how many badges am I entitled?

Each exhibitor is entitled to one badge per square meter of rented space.  Request for badges must be made through the official page of Colombiamoda by filling out the information of the registration form, and giving the username and password assigned by the commercial team of Inexmoda.  Remember that the badge is personal and non-transferable.