The fashion trends that will walk through Colombiamoda

Three great companies will join to make the Colombiamoda staff uniforms. This opportunity has united the experiences of each through contributions from its specialty.

Fabricato: fabric

Movies: design and production of upper garments

Don Matías: production of lower garments

A fusion between Stars Wars and a military trend that will be seen in the Autumn – Winter 17/18 season was the inspiration for the elaboration of silhouettes such as culottes, jogger pants and dresses, trendy garments used by the staff that will be available at the Trade show. Colors such as white, black, and gray were chosen to highlight the looks–comfortable, fresh, and easy to identify—key tones in the color chart of the season.

This personnel is essential during the three days of the Trade show, and will be at your disposal to answer any questions you may have during Colombiamoda 2017.

Men´s uniforms

Women´s uniforms