Journalists and media representatives applying for accreditation as a press photographer, camaraman and press services (camera assistant and lighting), to Colombiamoda 2017, must meet the following requirements:

  • Media specialized in fashion, culture, trends, home, lifestyle, economics, textiles and distribution themes, or covering any of this content in a section of its environment. This applies to newspapers, magazines, radio, television and websites.
  • National and international news agencies covering the above-referenced issues.
  • Editorial publications with a constant frequency.

Photographers, cameraman and press services (camera assistant  and lighting)

  • They must work for an accredited media in the tradeshow or comply with the aforementioned themes.
  • A maximum of five cameraman and photographers from a press, magazine or television medium will be credited.

Fashion Blogs

  • The blog must have at least one year of existence.
  • Traffic should be consistent and participatory.
  • Posts must be made at least twice a week and it should correspond to the event topics: fashion, culture, trends, home, lifestyle, economics, textiles and distribution.

Public relations agencies

  • Only public relations agencies that have client at the tradeshow will be credited.
  • Up to three people will be credited per client.

Media applying for accreditation for the first time

Journalists applying for Colombiamoda 2017 accreditation for the first time, Colombia’s Fashion Week, must send an official letter from the media, specifying information about it, such as: target audience, periodicity, coverage, topics, contact information And additional media information. In addition, you must meet the following:

  • Newspapers, magazines and websites: the journalist applying for accreditation must submit the last two publications for the medium in which he works (published in the last six months).
  • TV and radio: send a link with the promo or a recent program.

Note: The information requested should be sent to:


  • Press NOT associated with the fashion industry will not be accredited.
  • Inexmoda reserves the right to deny accreditation if the information is deemed not relevant or is incomplete.
  • Forgery or incorrect information of the media or the person, will leave you out of the accreditation process.
  • Freelance journalists will not be accredited.
  • Press accreditation is non transferable.

More information:

Mauricio Villa
Press and PR Coordinator
Phone Number: (574) 604 3700. Ext. 128 -170.
Cell phone number: (57) 320 7277619